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A small bug in number series

Yesterday during one of my courses on Business Central I discovered a small bug in the number series assignments on the items in case we have more than one number series to choose.

Let's have a look.

In the Cronus company the number series of items is ITEM1 defined in the Inventory Setup

To this number series are associated other four number series

With this setup, when we create a new item, we have the possibility to choose which number series to use by pressing the Assist button near the No. field on the Item Card. Let's create a new item and let's choose the second number series ITEM2

As we can see, the number series is assigned correctly, but if we take a look at the hidden No. Series field on the Item table, we note that instead of having ITEM2 value, is blank.

This field is used to distinguish the items when we use more number series and it answers the question "which number series did you choose when you created this item?". For this reason it should be blank just in case we assign the No. field manually.

But the problem is more serious than we think. Let's do this setup:

Now let's associate the second number series to the first one

Now let's try to create an item by using the second number series. We get this error:

Based on what we see, if we want to use more number series on the items we need to activate the Manual Nos. field on the number series specified in the setup

This error does not appear on the Sales Orders. In this case the Manual Nos. is not necessary and the No. Series field on the Sales Header is assigned correctly when we choose alternative number series.

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