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Massive Warehouse Shipments creation: limits and advantages

As you probably know in the latest release of Business Central has been introduced the Create Warehouse Shipment task, which gives the possibility to make a massive creation of warehouse shipment documents. Let's have a look at this new functionality.

As a first step I created a new Location, called MILAN, having the Required Shipment activated

I did the same by creating another location called ROME, with the same functionalities

Then I created three sales orders on MILAN for two customers and I released them (this is necessary to create the shipments, even manually).

On the same location I created one Purchase Return Order

and one Transfer Order from MILAN to ROME

Let's now run the Create Warehouse Shipment task

As we can see we have just two options:

  • Do not fill Qty. to Handle

  • Reserved stock only which have three options: blank, Full and Partial and Full

The first option is quite obvious (if you activate it, the task sets the Qty. to ship field on the shipment lines to zero), the second one simply asks if you want to create the shipments just for the items in documents that have been partially or full reserved.

The result of the task is this one:

The system created one warehouse shipment for each document, even if we have two sales orders received by the same customer: no grouping is considered.


We can say that this new functionality can be just used for companies making a one-to-one management of the shipments, without the need to optimize the shipments by grouping, for example, all the sales orders into one shipment by customer or by some other criteria, as you can do by creating the warehouse shipment manually and inserting the documents you want to ship in one step.

For the warehouse receipts, finally, we don't have any task available for a massive creation.

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