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Managing over receipt quantities on purchase orders

When we analyze the purchase/receipt process we frequently find the request to manage receipt quantities greater than the ordered ones.

If I buy 100 Kg of apples and I receive 101 Kg, how can I do? The answer to this question has been always “modify the PO”, but this solution is not always acceptable, because in this way you don’t trace of the event “this vendor delivered more items than due”.

I always personally suggested to archive the order, modify the quantity by setting it to the delivered one and then post the receipt. In this way the event is tracked by an archived order, that contains the history of all the changes done on the order, even if it does not tell us why this changes has been done.

In Business Central managing quantities greater than the ordered is possibile, let’s see in which way.

Over-Receipt Code setup

As a first step we need to do a simple setup by opening the Over-Receipt Codes page.

As we can see in the picture, we can associate to every code a tolerance percentage of the quantity and even an approval workflow. We can also define a default code to be assigned everytime we receive more quantity than ordered.

How it works

Now we have just to try. Let’s create an order with 100 Kg of apples and let’s release it (this is necessary to manage over-receipt functionality).

Now let’s suppose to receive 101 Kg instead of 100. When we insert 101 in the Qty to receive field, we immediately get a notification

We can note that BC modifies the quantity, as we did in the previous versions, but the difference with the past is that it takes a trace of this event in the Over-Recipt Quantity and Over-Recipt Code fields.

When we post the recipt, these two fields are transferred to the Posted Recipt document, so that we can do some statistical analysis, eventually by using Power BI.

The Over-Recipt Code is automatically proposed just if you set one as a default, otherwise you need to specify it manually before setting the quantity to receive.

If the quantity to receive exceeds the tolerance percentage we get a message not immediately intelligible, because it refers to a field not touched by the user, but this is a minor problem.

Over-receipt with the warehouse

Over receipts can be managed even with warehouse functionality. In this case all the actions must be done into the warehouse receipt document.

As before, the posting procedure transfers the fields to the purchase recipt document.

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